Sunday, March 1, 2009

On LinkedIn, Don’t Get LockedOut! – part ii

part ii – great tool, but how do i use it wisely?

First, let's see how to use this function properly, and if you should use it at all.

After the page is populated with your contacts DO NOT CLICK "Invite Selected Contacts". Instead, follow these instructions.

  1. Click the "remove all" link at the bottom of the list on the right. This not only clears the invite list, but also removes the checks from all of the contacts in the list in the center of the page that would have received invitations.
  2. Review each contact for the following:

    Do you want to add this person to your network, and…

    Does this person know who you are?

  3. Contacts that have the blue "in" icon to the right of their title are already members of LinkedIn. You can check their profile, by clicking their name. Then you can decide if you want to add them to your network or not. You need to do some investigating for those without the "in" icon. Try checking any saved emails you sent/received to/from them, as well as Googling ( or Pipling ( their name.
  4. Select all the contacts you don't want to invite by clicking the uncheck the box near their name, and clicking the "Delete selected contacts" button, and those contacts will be removed from the center list. All remaining contacts will be checked, and the right-hand invite list will be populated with those contacts.
  5. Write down the names and email addresses of those contacts you want to add to your LinkedIn network.
  6. Click the "remove all" link again to clear the list.

Note: You should not use this function to invite people to your network. This list is good though for knowing who you need to send separate, personalized invitations to.

Click here to find out you should separate invites.

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