Monday, March 2, 2009

On LinkedIn, Don’t Get LockedOut! – part iii

part iii – why it is important to send out good invites?

When you send out an invite, there is a chance that the person will not know you, remember you, or like you. Therefore, there is a good chance they will click the dreaded "I Don't Know" button in reply to you invitation. LinkedIn has a policy where once a member receives five IDK's (there is no set time frame for receiving these – could be weeks, months or years apart), the user's account becomes severely limited. What I like to call, "Being LockedOut of LinkedIn!"

And your account will remain in this lockedout state until LinkedIn's Customer Support unlocks you. They also need to know that you are in agreement with the policies for using their web site.

Click here to find out what "LockedOut" means for you on LinkedIn.

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