Friday, March 13, 2009

Wish You Hadn’t Send That Email Last Night?

Ever send an email out that you wish you hadn't; especially because you were not thinking clearly late at night? Did you regret it afterward? Do you think you might have lost a business opportunity because of it?

There's great news! For those of who use Gmail, introducing Mail Goggles.

Mail Goggles is a feature within Gmail that analyzes if you are coherent enough to send emails. How can your PC know if you are coherent or not? Mail Goggles uses a math test to discover if you are awake. You set the day of the week and time of the day that you believe you should be sleeping (and not sending email). By default it is set for Friday and Saturday from 10:00 PM to 4:00 AM.

To use Mail Goggles…

1. Click the Settings link in the upper right of the Gmail screen.

2. Click the Labs link. Note: You can also click the “pawn” icon to the left of the Settings link.

3. Scroll down the list of Lab Applications until you see Mail Goggles. Select the Enable radio button.

4. Scroll up (or down) and click Save Changes button.

5. Click the Settings link (see Step 1).

6. Select the day, times and difficult level (see examples below) you want to use. Note: You cannot set separate times for each day.

7. Scroll to bottom of screen and click the Save Changes button (see Step 5).

Now,whenever you click the Send button for an email you compose between the times configured for Mail Goggles, the following window will open. Note: As you increase the level, the math problems become more difficult.

This is an example of Level 1.

This is an example of Level 5.

You have 60 seconds to answer all 5 math problems correctly.

If you don’t answer within the 60 seconds, you will get this message and a set of 5 new problems.

If you fail to answer all 5 correctly, you will get this message and a set of 5 new problems.

I tried repeatedly with both messages above for 25 times each. I don't think there is a set number when Gmail will finally shutdown. But after the 3rd time if you can't answer the math questions, you should reread your email message, remove the address(es) and go to bed.

Let me know what you think. Add a comment.

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