Monday, March 2, 2009

On LinkedIn, Don’t Get LockedOut! – part vi

part vi – good invite etiquette

Here is a sample invitation that I now send out.

Hi Frank,
My name is Genesius (Gene) Jaromsky and I believe we attended the same high school in New York City (1977-1981), Power Memorial Academy.
How's everything? I recently found your name on LinkedIn and would like to add you to my professional network.
If you are not interested (or don't remember me), please accept my apologies, and don't click the "I Don't Know" button. Click the "Archive" button instead.
If you are uncertain, please email me so we can chat.
Thanks and God Bless,

PS. Do you still play the trombone? Did you ever get back into running? My clarinet was stolen when I moved 6 years ago, and I just started running again (last year) after 25 years of not running; ran my first marathon last May. Chat soon.

So to recap, here's some things you should add to your invite.

- Their name (and maybe their nickname if you feel it's appropriate).

- Brief bio on who you are and how they should know/remember you. Something that will jog their
memory: dates; mutual friends; clubs/schools; location(s); anything that might help them
remember you. You can add more in your PS you later.

- Explain that you want to add them to your LinkedIn network (use words that you feel comfortable

This next part is very important.

- Explain to them that if they don't remember you or don't want to be added to your network, to
please click not click the "I Don't Know" button. You can further explain what happens if you receive
5 IDK's.

- Add your email address to the invitation requesting them to can contact you if they want to get
reacquainted before they accept your invitation.

- Thank them in your closing.

Remember, you are trying to build your trusted network; you are not playing a numbers game. Look to only invite people you know and trust, AND that know and trust you. You are creating a Board of Trusted Advisers in your field/industry, as well as looking for people who you can help in their careers. That's networking.

Now that You are On LinkedIn, Don't Get LockedOut!

Click here to see LinkedIn's Customer Service suggestions for sending out invitations.

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